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Meet the PrivacEmail Team!

If you are looking for online counselling services you have come to the right place!
Every one of these therapists has taken our cybercounselling training. They completed at least the Level 1 course.
They have now licensed our software and are offering services through their own client portal.
Read the description and select the one that you think fits you best!


My eCounsellor

My eCounsellor provides a totally confidential counselling experience in which you and I will communicate via a series of secure email exchanges.I have a Masters Degree in Social Work, specialized training in e-counselling, and have been a counsellor for over 35 years. Helping people overcome their problems has always been my passion.In my online practice I work with individuals experiencing a wide range of issues including addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, separation/divorce, grief, marital/relationship, self-esteem, sexuality, stress management, work stress. I charge $100.00/hour.


Coutts Online Counselling

I utilize an eclectic therapeutic approach to help individuals managing mental health challenges such as depression, trauma and anxiety. I also work to support parents with teenage and young adult children struggling with mental health issues.


Van Dooren Counselling

Hello, I am a Registered Social Worker with 15 years of experience providing counselling services. My areas of expertise include working with mental health concerns, addictions and family transitions. I work in a collaborative manner that values the strength and hopefulness that individuals bring when they seek counselling services.


Lakeridge Counselling

Lakeridge Counselling & Consulting Services offers exclusively online counselling to individuals (19 years of age or older) struggling with relationship problems, dealing with new/life changing events , stress and decision making, to provide empowerment and coping skills. Help is just a click away!

Karry-On Services

Karry-on Services provides easy e-access to a variety of enhancement and developmental services for the individual, groups, and the organization by increasing the reach of the organization’s EAP while providing an increased sense of anonymity. Cyber-Services include counselling and career, transition, relationship, targeted behavioural coaching and personal and team coaching. Phone: 1-868-274-3887

Softstone Counselling

A warm welcome to you. At Softstone Counselling, I provide a comfortable, confidential and convenient home service to assist you in dealing with a variety of life transitions or changes (including: divorce, menopause, receiving a diagnosis, empty nesting, stress with change, etc. I understand the stressors of change may lead to depression and/or anxiety. I have 20+ years of counselling / therapy / Mental Health experience and have a graduate degree in Social Work and Masters of Leadership (specializing in Health)

Mindful Healing Service

At Mindful Healing service you will be provided with a safe, warm and confidential online atmosphere in which to explore your struggles and goals with a compassionate, and skilled therapist. I am a registered social worker with a master’s degree and have over 20 years of experience. I provide counselling services for a variety of issues, such as anger, grief, self-esteem anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transition, stress etc. My goal is to help individuals cope better with life’s challenges, minimize their suffering and to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Please note. The aforementioned counsellors are all private practitioners.
Therapy Online provides this site as a means for these practitioners to market their services.
However, Therapy Online does not supervise them or guarantee their counselling services in any way.