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Clients Recovering from Trauma Using Asynchronous Private Conversations

Therapy Online is grateful to Linda A.K. Thompson

for providing this encouraging report from the field.


The most exciting fact remains that I never even imagined that the majority of my trauma counselling work would be done via the secure on-line site you provide.

Recovery from trauma through asynchronous online therapyThe survivors I work with really make good use of it by sharing the memories, feelings and thoughts as they emerge. This provides an excellent way for them to decompress and debrief when they need to and not have to wait for a scheduled session.

Therefore, I do not schedule an hour on-line session and simply go with “their flow” or way of working with their emerging memories, integrating/reprocessing work. They all know that I check/respond to private conversations twice a day [1000 + 2000] on scheduled working days and that I do not go on-line checking private conversations on my days off or vacations. However, they all know my days off and still send me private conversations on these days to keep the sharing of their integration/reprocessing = flow work going in anticipation of a response from me upon my return to work.

This past year all of my clients have settle nicely into private-conversations at-will with monthly phone sessions and direct sessions 2 to 3 times a year. Most healing-to-cure trauma counselling contract work with me, in collaboration with their team, is completed within a 3 year time frame.

One more neat thing is my clients and I have an agreement that sometimes when they are sending spontaneous private conversations, they really do not want me to provide them with feedback - they simply want me to read, hold and know what emerged, was revealed or the insights gained insight.

Sometimes holding their content in reverence and silence is very powerful for them. So, we have established a code “DNR” that goes in front of their subject title and I know they do not want me to respond. When I was an ICU nurse, “DNR" meant 'do not resuscitate' and now for this trauma counsellor, 'DNR means do not respond.' How cool is this!




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I do believe my clients, having the spontaneous free-will use of this secure private conversations site is providing a really neat “content container” for them to deposit their thoughts, feeling and insights they all work so hard on in their healing-to-cure journeys. This secure “content container” is really working well for them, especially during the release of certain aspects of the deepest, darkest secrets contained within and noteworthy in the legacies of survivors with severe degrees of accumulated, traumatic lifetime events - private conversations is a great aid for the sharing of the ugly, dark, unspeakable content [memory fragments] that can be difficult to speak and comprehend and material they never did share by general email with me before I met you!!!!!. The secure site means a lot to the clients I work with and I can not even imagine working without it now.

Linda A.K. Thompson, CCC Trauma, Exit, Grief Counsellor
Owner, Matrix of Trauma [MOT]: Research, Advocacy, Healing

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