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Cybercounselling Course Registration

Use the form linked at the bottom of this page to register for Cybercounselling Level I

This page includes three items.
To avoid difficulties and experience a smoother registration process, please read all three.

They are:

A) The course prerequisites. Please ensure that you have the necessary background for completing this course. In particular, please review the expectations of proficiency with computers;

B) The terms & conditions associated with registering for the course (including the withdrawal\refund policy);

C) A link to our online registration form.

After you submit the registration form you will be taken to our Payment page. Here you can choose whether to pay for the entire course or just the first module. Clicking on any of the Paypal buttons will take you to the Paypal site itself where you submit payment.

Course Prerequisites:

  • A Master's degree in counselling or a related field;
  • 2 years of experience delivering in-person counselling;
    • (or an equivalent of the above);
  • Comfort with, and extensive experience using, a computer.
  • Membership in a professional association and adherence to their ethical code.
PLEASE NOTE: If you feel you have the equivalent of a graduate degree and 2 years of clinical experience please e-mail Lawrence Murphy. If you do not meet the course requirements we offer Foundations of Cybercounselling, an 8 week online training program also in collaboration with the University of Toronto School of Continuning Studies.

Use the above link to email Lawrence if you have questions.

The Cybercounselling courses require some proficiency with computers and the Internet. You need to be able to:

  • solve minor problems that you encounter while using your computer or the Internet
  • comfortably and smoothly use your regular e-mail program (or a web-based email program such as Hotmail or Yahoo mail), including
    • attaching files to send
    • opening attached files
  • cut and paste text easily
  • create and use filenames and extensions
  • create folders and subfolders
  • copy, move and delete files
  • find answers to questions using online Help systems
  • print pages
  • navigate the Web by use of links and URL addresses
  • use search engines to locate desired information
  • comfortably use a word processor, including the ability to
    • select and change fonts
    • select and change styles (e.g. boldface, italics, underlining)
    • select and change font sizes
    • insert images into a document

You should also be familiar with these terms

  • hard drive
  • external drive
  • operating system
  • download
  • upload
  •  file attachment

Terms and Conditions *

By submitting the registration form below you indicate that you have read, understood and accept the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. Worldwide Therapy Online Inc. is the company name under which this counsellor education program is provided.
  2. A certificate will be granted upon successful completion of the each level. The certificates are issued by Therapy Online. Certificates are not a license to practice online counselling but a recognition of Continuing Professional Development.
  3. A description of the course is available here.
  4. The registration deadline is the start date of the applicable course. Start dates are listed below.
  5. Cybercounselling Level 1 is broken into three modules. You may pay for all three modules (the entire course) at once, or pay for one module at a time. Payment is made using Paypal.
  6. Special discounts on websites, software and/or other products may be offered by Worldwide Therapy Online Inc. from time to time. Such discounts are subject to the following conditions:
    1. the deadline stated in the offer;
    2. tuition for all three modules of a course having been received;
    3. completion of the course.
  7. Withdrawal/Refund policy:
    1. Tuition fees for each of the modules are refundable provided written notification of cancellation is received at least one week (7 days) prior to the start date of the next module of the course.
    2. No refunds will be issued for cancellations once the module begins.
    3. All refunds are subject to an administrative charge of $75.
    4. If a discount has been given (as per item #6 above), and the participant withdraws from the course prior to completion of all three modules, the course refund will be adjusted to nullify the discount given.
    5. If a participant has already paid for modules that he or she is unable to start, the participant may request a refund or have Therapy Online hold the fees and complete the necessary modules at a later date. Participants who have already paid in this manner will be given priority consideration in ensuing courses.
  8. Therapy Online reserves the right to cancel any course or module due to lack of enrolment. If this should occur, you will be informed and fully refunded.
  9. The PrivacEmail Professional system, which is used to deliver the courses, is a comprehensive Internet system whose primary purpose is to secure communications between professional helpers and their clients.
  10. While every effort has been made to ensure the technological systems are as clear and simple as possible, the user takes responsibility for ensuring that they understand the system and are able to operate it. The courses include access to a User Manual as part of the PrivacEmail system.
  11. We encourage you to use a high speed modem or cable modem. 
  12. The course is delivered via the Internet with back-up telephone support, if required. Therapy Online can take no responsibility for system failure at the user’s end. Service interruption of the PrivacEmail system, if any, will be rectified as soon as possible.
  13. Note that it is also possible that firewall settings in your workplace may cause issues with the chat features of the system. If this is the case you will need to contact your IT department for help or complete your wok away from your workplace.
  14. Therapy Online takes no responsibility for technical problems caused by computer hardware and software at the user's end.
  15. Therapy Online accepts no responsibility for direct or indirect damage to the user's computer resulting from the use of Therapy Online’s website or any hyperlinked websites, and cannot take responsibility for the content of hyperlinked websites. 
  16. You must agree that the courses provided by Therapy Online shall be considered, for all legal purposes, to take place in Canada only. Any claims against Therapy Online which give rise to suits or judicial proceedings must be filed and tried only within Canada and not in the United States or any other jurisdiction. Any such dispute will be governed solely by the substantive law of Canada, not including its choice of law provisions. Any issues that arise or complaints of a legal nature must be pursued in Canada and under Canadian law.
  17. Copyright:
    COPYRIGHT NOTICE: © 1994-2020 Worldwide Therapy Online Inc. All Rights Reserved. All materials provided by the Online Learning Community, including by online access, are subject to copyright and intellectual property laws. Course registrants are licensed to use the materials solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. All other use, distribution or reproduction is expressly prohibited.


Please click on the registration form link below to open the registration form. After you have filled in the form you will click on the button at the bottom of the form. You will then have the opportunity to pay for your training through PayPal.

If you are paying by cheque (or if an agency is paying for your training) please scroll to the bottom of the PayPal payment page for information on your next steps.

By completing the registration form you indicate that you have read, understood and accept the Terms & Conditions as detailed above.


To open the registration form please click here.

Quesitons? contact: Lawrence Murphy or call 519-831-9141

* Worldwide Therapy Online Inc. reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions without notice at its discretion.